Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find out what type of internet my address is eligible to receive?

You can find out by typing in your address on our home page — we'll display the types of internet (fiber or copper) that are available to you. Or, give us a call at 800.742.4084. You can also send us a message, drop us an email or stop by our Bloomington or French Lick offices.

2. Fiber is available in my area. What are the benefits of fiber over other cable services?

Blazing fast downloads. Download movies, music, games, etc. at the speed of light — literally. It's ten times faster than cable. Run multiple devices at once. Say bye-bye to buffering, later to lag time. Run multiple devices and applications simultaneously without slowing others down.

Crystal clear definition. Take Streaming TV to new heights — stutter-free images so crystal clear, you'll think you're actually right there.

A true Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) installation offers much more than coaxial cable or even a hybrid coaxial/fiber installation. Fiber and its unique capacity to carry a signal means it can support much higher bandwidths at much greater distances than traditional communication systems used by cable companies. Further, fiber “future-proofs” a home or business from advances in technology.

3. It doesn't look like fiber is available in my area. Will it ever be?

We hope so! We are looking at several cities/towns/neighborhoods to expand our fiber capabilities into. Because we are always mindful of keeping costs down as much as we feasibly can, we need to plan expansion carefully. Knowing that there is great demand in one geographic area helps us greatly! Let us know that you would be interested in subscribing to our fiber service — the more people we hear from in one area, the greater the chance we'll be bringing fiber your way!

4. So, until fiber arrives, why should I switch to Smithville instead of staying with my current company?

There are lots of reasons! In addition to the services we have to offer — state-of-the-art internet, Streaming TV, voice, security and cellular — our customer service, tech and repair support are second to none. We are located in the heart of Indiana, so when you call Smithville, you get a fellow Hoosier on the line who cares about the service their fellow Hoosiers receive. Because we are locally owned and dedicated to the communities we serve, Smithville customers benefit from unsurpassed service and commitment.

5. Where are your offices located?

Our headquarters are located in Ellettsville, but we also have offices in Bloomington and French Lick. You can find the addresses and maps on our Contact page.

6. What are your Customer Service & Support hours?

Customer service representatives are available M-F, 8AM-6PM and Saturdays, 8AM-5PM. You can reach them at 800.742.4084.

7. Does Smithville offer services for businesses?

Yes, we have business services, packaging and pricing. Call 800.742.4084 for information, or check out our Small Business page.

Streaming TV

1. What devices can I use to watch Smithville Streaming TV?

We are currently able to deliver over iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android devices, Roku devices, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

2. Why isn't the HD as sharp on my big screen TV when I'm streaming?

If you are served by copper rather than fiber optics, there is a limit as to how much signal can be downloaded, and you may be restricted from receiving the HD signal. This is a limit on copper connections – not a limit on the streaming product.

3. What channels can I get with Streaming TV?

Refer to the page for the current channel line-up, under the "See What's On" section.

4. Why doesn't streaming work when I leave my house?

Smithville Streaming TV is specifically a product to help folks that are ready to give up traditional TV packages and use a la carte streaming services. It is restricted to use on Smithville Internet because of the contracts we have with the programming providers.

5. I just got the error:

  • "Maximum # of devices reached"
  • "The information entered was incorrect or the server is unavailable, please try again"
  • "The user has reached the maximum number of secondary screen devices"

What does that mean?

These are the wording the different devices will deliver if you have exceeded 5 registered devices.

Due to licensing requirements, each Streaming TV customer is allowed up to 5 devices. If you need more on a regular basis, you can add 5 more for an additional fee, just ask a friendly Customer Service representative at (800) 742-4084 or send us a note via our Contact Form.

If you gave a guest access and they no longer need it, you can contact Technical Support at that same number to have all registered devices removed, setting you back to 0 devices. As you authenticate devices, the number-counting restarts. Perhaps you no longer have a device (you traded to a new phone or device) – you can call Technical Support and ask them to remove all registered devices from your account. This resets the licenses to zero, and you then start counting as you re-authenticate current devices.

6. If I get 10 licenses with the Streaming TV product (5 that are included in the base price, plus 5 additional), can I have 10 devices streaming all at the same time?

That will depend on the download bandwidth you receive with your internet service. If you are served by fiber optics, you will absolutely be able to stream 10 devices at the same time. If your internet is served by copper facilities, you are subject to the technical limitation of copper. Buying licenses doesn't increase bandwidth; it only allows for additional devices to authenticate.

7. Do I need an ethernet connection for my device?

Ethernet is not required for Smithville Streaming TV, but it does offer the most reliable streaming experience you can get.

8. The volume on some of my streaming devices is much louder than on others. Can you make them the same?

We can adjust volume somewhat, and have done our best to make all device volume the same. However, some volume is out of our hands, and will need to be managed on your device.

9. Your streaming video mentions Cloud DVR - when will that be available?

There are some technical challenges with the DVR functionality, and we want it to be the best version possible before we make it available to our customers. Once we have it ready, we'll update the web-page, and will notify existing customers.

10. I love the Restart and Catch-Up features! On my iPad I am able to rewind and also skip ahead through commercials while I'm using those features, but I haven't figured out how to do that when streaming through my Roku. How does that work?

Each device has unique capabilities as driven by their product developers. The iOS and Android devices do allow rewind and skip ahead with both Restart and Catch-Up, but Roku and Amazon Fire Stick don't have that ability.

11. How do I use the “Restart” and “Catch-Up” features on my streaming device?

iPhone Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video
iPad Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video
Android Phone Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video
Firestick Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video
Roku Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video

12. Where do I return and recycle my TV Equipment?

Smithville will be safely recycling your set-top boxes, remotes, and associated cables. Do not throw these items away. Please return equipment by October 31st, 2018 to the places below, to help us dispose of these properly:

Arrange Pick-up when speaking with your Smithville Customer Service Representative at (800) 742-4084.

How do I Setup my Streaming TV device?

Click on your device below to get started: